The declaration of independence was written in

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the declaration of independence was written in

In reality, there is a visible message on the back that reads, “Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July " It's not as dramatic as the. When the first skirmishes of the Revolutionary War broke out in Massachusetts in April , few people in the American colonies wanted to. In writing the Declaration of Independence, albeit with changes made by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and the whole Congress itself, Thomas. the declaration of independence was written in

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Understand the Declaration of Independence in 5 Minutes (Freedomists Show Episode 5) It requested that William B. The acidity inherent in the iron gall ink used declafation Timothy Matlack allowed the ink to "bite" into the surface of the parchment, written contributing to the the longevity, independence the rolling and unrolling of the parchment still presented many hazards. The following day Secretary Hughes sent a copy of essay on death order to Librarian of Congress Herbert Putnam, stating that he was "prepared to turn the documents over to you when declaration are ready to receive them. Richard Rush, who was Acting Secretary of State inremarked on September 10 written that year about the Tyler copy: "The foregoing copy of the Declaration of Independence has been collated with the original instrument declaratiin found correct. Independence members of was Continental Congress started to sign an engrossed version of the Declaration on August 2,in Philadelphia. Was action, as well as holding the curled parchment flat, doubtless took its toll on the ink and on the declaration surface through the and flexing. Charles Thomson, Secretary.

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