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write on it

authorship, penning, writing, composition - the act of creating written works; "​writing was a form of therapy for him"; "it was a matter of disputed authorship". Read all about Write On It, a local Cards & Stationery, Gifts business from Dundee listed in Shop Scotland's directory of creative artists, makers and sellers. Hence, you won't write anything in a piece of paper, but you could write something on it. On the contrary, you could write something on a book.

Write on it - really. All

The reason is that draped with is used to describe some sort of decoration, for example, The Christmas tree was draped with tinsel draped in can also be used for this, but is usually used when a person has something wrapped round them and is effectively wearing it. Written in it 2,, results on the web Some examples from the web: Blessed is he who readeth and heareth the words of this prophecy and keepeth those things which are written in it. This board that was found in your closet, S Check your entire sentence for FREE! Eat it and you can memorize what's written on it. Elaborate on it or Elaborate on that? The other day she went around asking everyone to tell her what was written in it Related Comparisons execute it on or execute on it? write on it

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