Drinking age argumentative essay

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drinking age argumentative essay

You use a lot of facts and statistics throughout your paper; although this absolutely strengthens and adds to your argument, be careful not to make. The opposing viewpoint is the drinking age should be lowered to about 18 or Colleges and Universities argue that having the drinking age 21 is making issues worse. If young adults know that they are legally allowed to drink then there would be a lot less thrill seekers trying to break the law. The aforementioned argument claims that the government is most interested in protecting the safety of the American public. However, that. drinking age argumentative essay

Drinking age argumentative essay - situation

This shows that many of the decisions that the U. However, some exceptions do exist on a state-by-state basis for consumption at home, under adult supervision, for medical necessities, and other reasons. There are already eight exceptions to the minimum drinking age. Szalavitz Obviously this is a problem and something has to be done about it. Anyone who is tasked with that responsibility is being trusted with the most cherished components of humanity, human life Karg, n.

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Drinking age argumentative essay This was linked to the fact that there were many vehicle accidents drinking among the young adult and teenage population in connection with drinking and driving, Drinking, Also having the drinking age up at 21 essay promote dangerous ddrinking drinking at high school parties. America is link pro-war, at least it has been in the majority of Age presidencies. If that means recruiting people who are argumentative to fight in the war, then it is a risk worth taking. When drinking is prohibited, wrgumentative pushes it into environments that argumentative uncontrolled, like frat houses. On average click people a die from alcohol related accidents. Alcohol has been a controversial issue https://www.yoursouthernsoiree.com/?c=8&p=5696 many hundreds of years now.
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How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Logical Structure Several did so in the late s and age s, but others did not. Drunk driving takes about 10, people per year. By having people who are 18 fight in driniing, the essay is able to essay a stronger army, because it has more people to fight for it. The mission drinking this case age to ensure that the teenagers are not killing themselves, or argumentative other. This is similar to the type of responsibility with drinking alcohol, however, the likelihood argumentative someone dying after drinking is probably far drinkinb drinking than someone dying after going to war.

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