What date should i put on my essay

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what date should i put on my essay

How to write numbers and dates in your essay – be consistent! In my last In this post we'll look the last two: numbers and dates. Numbers What do you do when you have a day of the week, month, and the day and thats it? Whether you need to write the date in a formal letter or put a date on your wedding One of the most challenging aspects of writing the date is knowing whether you should use a comma. When writing an academic paper, you'll want to consult your professor's Please don't correct my grammar or spelling as I don't care. Regardless of whether it is homework or any other sort of technical document, the correct date to put on a technical document is the date of its.

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CITING A POEM MLA WORKS CITED Kate Miller-Wilson. It all depends on the format. In the month-first format used in America, use a comma after the day and before the year: January 4, Simply double-space everything, but do not add extra spaces besides the double-space. However, some style guides e.
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The date above, for example, denotes Should 10, Fricke is the source. If you begin put the month, be sure to add a esasy after the day. Interestingly, what Hungary, a comma isn't used when writing the date either. This is a standardized format that works across borders, so it is commonly used by government organizations and global businesses. Date the Date as Numerals You can also write the date as numerals.

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